FAQs - Google My Business Tour

How much will it cost?
The price depends on the size of the tour but generally it is around €200+VAT. The tour is a one time payment andno reoccuring fees.

How do I calculate how many Photo Sphere for the Tour I need?
Normally around 3 Meters between each other. Floor plans illustration show ideas of layouts. For an accurate quote please get in touch describing the location and size, we can then send an quote based on your exact requirements.

Can I use these photos?
The photos are yours, you can use them were you want. You can print them on your menu or print them in 10 story ad billboards. The only thing we ask you not to do is retouch and/or edit.

Can you shoot early/late so we do not have to close our business?
We can book an early/late shoot so your business doesn't distrupted. We also accept bookings on public holidays.

What will I get?

  • 8-15 360 Photos of your business.
  • 10+ Normal photos of your business.
  • Google See Inside Tour
  • Google My Business Listing optimizing

Numbers depend on business size

What is a photosphere/360° photo?
A photo sphere is a panoramic image with 360°×360° photos, meaning a photo shows every possible angle someone can see.

Do you take High-quality photos?
We have the latest professional Nikon cameras and latest lenses which allow us to capture ultra high-resolution photos of your business, 60MP to be exact.

What is a tour?
A tour is set of connected photo spheres of a space (ie. a restaurant).

Where can I use the 360 photos?

  • A facebook post
  • On your website as a rich embed
  • The entire tour on a Facebook tab