Confirmation Girl resting on wall and smiling into camera for Confirmation Photoshoot in Gozo

Best Locations for Holy Communion & Confirmation Photo shoots in Gozo

November 23, 2021
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Anthony Cassar
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Location is the most important factor when doing a photoshoot. Choosing a location can either break or make a photoshoot. Therefore, it is important to choose properly when booking a photoshoot. Your photographer should guide you through the locations and help you choose which location fits your needs best. 

During our booking process, we first agree on a location and then set a time and date. For our style of shooting, the location is one of the most important aspects of a photoshoot as it sets the environment in which the photos will be taken. Moreover, light is the main ingredient in our kitchen and the location highly affects how much light we get. 

Recommended Locations in Gozo

Here is a small list of some of the locations we like to work in and recommend to our clients for Communion and Confirmation Photoshoots in Gozo, Malta.

Citadel Ditch - Victoria

Photoshoot in the Citadel Ditch showing First Holy communion Girl getting kissed by brother

The Citadel Ditch is a lovely quiet garden that has been opened recently. The area, which before was derelict, now serves as a nice garden with lush green lawns and revived limestone. This location is perfect if you want to mix the lovely tone of the Maltese limestone with the vibrant colour of the grass.


  • Certain areas are easily accessible with lifts, ramps and stairs
  • Most of the time there is ample shade
  • It has benches, pathways and trees - great ingredients for creative photos


  • In peak season, a lot of people will be there, making it hard to get a clean background
  • The best angles are a bit inaccessible, especially for the elderly and people with heels
  • Parking can be a bit of a hassle
  • There are signs to stay off the grass so you are limited to walking in the paths

Citadel Ditch on Google Maps

Villa Rundle - Victoria

Family and Girl Smiling at Villa Rundle in Rabat Gozo

These delightful gardens are beautifully landscaped and hence they provide a perfect backdrop for photography. There are various paths, benches and even a bridge to take photos on. Moreover, the garden is split into 4 sections - one for each season of the year. Each section has a different style of plants and trees which represent the respective season. Taking photos around colourful flowers and monumental trees allow you to capture beautiful and vibrant photos. 


  • Parking is easy and is heavily accessible with several ramps and entrances. 
  • Beautiful background and foreground elements
  • A large number of photo opportunities - a bridge, benches, lawns, paths and more


  • Heavily landscaped - not suitable for a natural theme
  • Little to no shade in the bright noon sun 
  • Can be a bit busy

Villa Rundle on Google Maps

[.rte-notice]The garden is decorated for several events and holidays throughout the year. So if you are doing a Christmas or Valentines shoot, you have extra props. However, if you are taking photos of Holy Communion, a cupid in the background does not fit in well.[.rte-notice]

The Citadel - Victoria

First Holy Communion young girl hugging sister and with father

The iconic Citadel needs no introduction - it dominates the skyline throughout the entirety of the island. This fortification, which was built and improved upon by every coloniser, has a nice mixture of scenery. From traditional Maltese facades with limestone, colourful doors to greenery and majestic views. While it is minuscule, it is filled with windy narrow streets and interesting photo spots. The Citadel is one of our favourite photo locations as it is rich and beautiful. Another reason we love it is that good shade is aptly available, making the harsh Mediterranean sun less of an issue.


  • Very Rich in photo opportunities - Interesting Walls, doors, steps, arches, vistas
  • Shade is not an issue 
  • Great if you wish to incorporate panoramic views of Gozo
  • In close proximity to other great locations (Mandragg & Ditch) for backup


  • Parking is available however it involves a small walk
  • It can be a bit difficult for those with mobility issues
  • Some good photo spots can be crowded with tourists

The Citadel on Google Maps

Ta' Kenuna Garden - Nadur

Ta Kenuna Tower & Botanical Garden is situated on the outskirts of Nadur. Built by the British in 1848 for communication purposes, it still fulfils this role. The tower was recently restored by GO Telecom and is now used to house telecommunication equipment. Surrounding the Tower one finds a Botanical garden, which is lush with various endemic plants and trees. This photoshoot location provides a good mixture between a natural theme and a human touch. Moreover, the surroundings have beautiful scenery of Gozo - this allows your photographer to create imagery with mesmerising backdrops of Gozo.


  • Beautiful 360 view of Gozo 
  • Great for sunset shooting
  • Very accessible and street parking is available.


  • When the weather is a bit windy, it can be hard to control hair.
  • Not a lot of shade is available 
  • Some people leave 

Ta Kenuna Botanical Garden on Google Maps

Il-Mandragg in Victoria

Located at the heart of Rabat, this part is considered to be the old part of the city. Commonly referred to "il-Mandragg", it is a network of narrow streets surrounding the Basilica of St George. The area was once considered to be a slum, however, a recent trend of transformations and restorations has transformed this district into a quaint and picturesque one. This network of streets consists of several narrow and passageways with traditional Maltese houses lining the sides. 


  • Shade is on a surplus here
  • Wonderful backdrops with very natural Maltese colours
  • Several spots to choose from, you can incorporate a lot
  • A good base for different poses (benches, steps, doors, railings)


  • Parking is an issue during the rush hours
  • A small walk is required to reach the good parts

Mandragg on Google Maps

Other locations in Gozo

Below is a summary of our favourite shooting locations:

Here are some other possible which are great for Holy Communion or Confirmation Photoshoots

  • Ulysses Groove in Xewkija
  • Pope John XXIII Garden in Għajnsielem
  • Dwejra Inland Sea in San Lawrenz

Bonus Tip

Your location should be as close as possible to your church. So it is easier for you to get to the church after the shoot is finished. If your child's communion is in Għarb, we do not recommend doing the photoshoot in Qala as you will be crossing the whole island.

Backup Location 

When discussing with your photographer beforehand, you should also agree on a backup location. Should your primary choice be unsuitable due to the weather or any other factors, you know where you need to go. It is better to be prepared than have to improvise. 

Photographer Anthony Cassar guiding the family in a photoshoot in the Rabat Mandragg
The photographer will work with you and guide you through the photoshoot to provide a pleasing experience. We will help you before, during the shoot, and afterwards viewing and using the photos.

Timings of Shoot

The timing of the shoot is also highly important and should be planned on by the photographer. The photographer should factor in light and how much he requires. Each photographer has his way of shooting, but all need good lighting to get great photos. Photographers usually do not shoot in direct sunlight and prefer shade or a cloudy day over a bright sunny day.

Photoshoot before or after mass?

If possible it is always recommended that the photoshoot is done before mass. A day like this can be draining for kids and by the end of the church celebration, they are more restless than relaxed. Another advantage is that their hair and clothes are still unwrinkled and neat. Thus it would be wise to have the photoshoot before the stress of the celebration. As most kids find the mass boring they will not be happy for the photoshoot afterwards. 

So if it is doable, book a photoshoot before your mass is leaving ample time to get to your church and have a small buffer should something go wrong. 

Our team is constantly searching for new and great locations for photoshoots in Gozo. In a photoshoot, our goal is to capture the true identity of your family in a scenic setting. Therefore providing you with mesmerising photos for you to adore for years to come. Get in touch with us so we can start discussing locations, timings and ideas.

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