About us

We are a team of professional photographers concentrated in Wedding, Event and Documentary photography, with over 35 years of experience in Gozo and Malta. We are the official photographers for numerous high-profile companies in Gozo and Malta, which entrust us with their most demanding and challenging work.

Our aim

Our mission is to deliver our client's message using high-quality photographs that will impact the viewer and help nurture the client's brand. Using well-crafted ideas, planning and execution, we endeavour to capture the image that will leave the viewer awestruck and make him remember your brand. On each family event, we try to capture the raw emotion and savour the sentiment of the subjects, giving the family invaluable images.

Meet the Team

Anthony Cassar. Anaca Photography's Leading Photographer


Anthony's vast skill set was acquired over the past 35 years when he developed his passion for photography. Anthony is our principal photographer He started photographing at the age of 14 when he bought a primitive Minolta camera and some photographic film after receiving his first paycheck. Ever since he has found his love for photography, Anthony has continuously sculpted his photography style. At first, it was his favourite hobby but in the late nineties, Anthony decided to take his photography to a whole new level. Since then, Anthony has practised, learnt and managed to acquire a vast technical insight in photography field in Gozo and Malta. Anthony's favourite shooting is Sports Photography followed by Wedding Photography

Darren Cassar. Anaca Photography's Photographer


Darren, Anthony's son, also fell in love with the art of photography when they went to an open day in the now dismantled Marsa Power Station. Anthony brought a basic Nikon Camera and started teaching Darren the basics. Darren traversed the power station and started experimenting with the camera. Darren was 11 years old at the visit and has since learnt, experimented and researched the art of photography. He has developed his personal style and began testing new techniques and ways to take, edit and process photos. Darren also finds interesting videography and programming. His favourite event to shoot is a concert because: "I love feeling the beat and hearing the music while photographing. I'll be in my zone, especially if it's a rock band".

Social Responsibility

We are more than just a profit-focused business; we are deeply committed to nurturing and preserving the environment in which we operate. We do more than donate to a local charity: we actively make sure our business and operations are socially sustainable.

Paper-free by default

From invoices to contracts, the norm is digital and paper-free.
All operations have been minimised in order to protect the environment

Eco-centric business at the core.

Queer-Friendly Business

Not just an afterthought - we are allies at heart <3

We've made all our forms, blogs and emails gender-neutral

No excuses: Full inclusivity is our policy

Community Focused Enterprise

We foster and nurture the community we grew up. After all, we owe it everything for allowing us to run this business.

We regularly donate our services, expertise and knowledge to NGOs and causes, from youth centres to environmental groups.

Client testimonials

"Darren, the photographer, was just brilliant! He captured all the special moments and more; We had asked for natural and spontaneous photos and he did just that."
-Laurens Bastiaan, Netherlands
Wedding Photography
"I was blown away by their professionalism, quality photographs & timeliness. I was impressed by how little direction they required in order to capture the essence of the conference."
-Emma Cloninger, USA
Conference Photography
"The service was brilliant and their approach is very professional and fast. Their Candid Photos tell a story."
-Matthew Xuereb, Malta
Baptism Photography

Services we offer

Our team offers professional photographers that offer you a shooting experience tailored to your photography needs.

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