The Process

Our process of turning your ideas into impactful photographs that tell a story and define a moment. An Exclusive and Efficient workflow refined regularly to suite the constantly changing world.

The Briefing

Before finalising the financial aspect (deposits, contracts etc) with us, we make it a point to meet and talk with you whether online via Skype, via emails or on the phone. We request this introductory meeting/session so that we discuss specifics and your expectations of our work.  We also take this opportunity to understand the ideas and develop further your vision for the photos.


After finalizing the details of the shoot, our team gets working. We work out the logistics such as which photographers, which lenses and focal lengths we are going to shoot on the day. Usually, one of the photographers goes the day before at a similar time and surveys the location/venue of shooting.

When shooting day arrives, our photographer or photographers will try to arrive 20 minutes earlier so we can have time to set up our gear calmly.  During the shoot, our photographers adept the angles, positions, lenses, focal lengths, settings and everything you could imagine. We try to use natural light but if we feel the need to, we add artificial lights such as flashes (both on and off camera), continuous led lights, reflectors and diffusers.  

We will continuously share some images with you to see if you like them and if you need to change something. We use professional Nikon cameras such as the D5 and D850. These cameras shoot RAW. This means that the photo has more details on it which makes it 'easier' to edit later.


After the shoot, the original photos are backed up 3 times, therefore promising a very very low chance that these photos will be lost. In the last 35 years only once original photos where lost, and that accident happened after the photos were sent to the customer.

One of our photo editors loads the original and unedited photographs into his favourite editing software, Lightroom. The editing process starts by culling the process, choosing which shots are good and if they will be edited. He then applies our favourite preset, "AP: DL-Low", which adjusts the photograph slightly and livens it up a bit.  After that, he does some basic adjustments such as cropping, levelling and exposure adjustments. We do not over-edit our photos to the extent that they are completely different.

With our editing workflow, we try to take good photos and turn them into Awesome Photos. This part decides if the image is contrasty, saturated or black & white. The process adds the mood and atmosphere to the photograph and further enhances the story

Photo Delivery

Finally, after all of the editing, the photos are exported into the sizes you required and sent over to you. We use various ways to deliver you the digital photographs.

Pendrive or CD

While a bit more old-school, the pen drive/CD doesn't depend on the internet and is, therefore, more reliable, fast and safe.

We use we transfer to deliver large files such as the photos in original resolutions. These files are usually 40-50MB each and during the course of the shoot can easily add up to 10GB.

Contact us

Get in touch with us so we can discuss your Event, Wedding, Christening and business Shoot. You can call Anthony on (+356) 79710352 or email us on We will hear your request, requirements and ideas and turn them into a great photo experience for you, your family, brand or your business.

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