Wedding Photography FAQ

A wedding day can get quite hectic for an unprepared bride and groom. Here are some questions and information on Wedding Photography. These answers are based on 20+ years of shooting weddings professionally in Gozo & Malta.

Bride and Grooms hold hands showing off their wedding rings

Prior to Wedding Day

Why is the contract necessary?
Do you do Pre-Wedding photoshoots?
When do you recommend that we do the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?
 How many photographers do you recommend?

Wedding Day

Are posed photos necessary?
How much time should I set aside for wedding day photos?
Where should we take the Wedding day photoshoot?
What happens if a camera stops working?
What gear do you use?

Photo Delivery

How many images do you provide?
Do you deliver every image shot?
When will the photos be delivered?
Do you print Photobooks?


Do I have to wear a mask for my photos?
Can we postpone due to COVID-19?
What safety measures will the photographer practice?
Do I have to include photographer staff in my venue's capacity?