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How to get through Holy Communion or Confirmation day like a pro

September 21, 2022
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Darren Cassar
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Having your child's First Holy Communion or Holy Confirmation can be quite stressful - believe us we've been there several times. From hair appointments to photographers to confusion, it is very easy for something to go wrong. 

You would end up turning an important day into an argument with your partner and missing the important thing about the day: Celebrating your family. 

Whether it is a  First Holy Communion (Pracett) or a Confirmation (Grizma tal-Isqof), it can be quite stressful.  

We have devised this stress-free guide from our varied experiences dealing with stressful days. Believe me when I say we've seen it all: from broken shoes during photoshoots to family fights on the altar. You ought to prepare a little more so your golden family day runs as smoothly as butter. 

Tips for beforehand

Book everything from way before

Try to book your suppliers as earlier as possible. So that you get the best suppliers. Important suppliers such as photographers and party venues get fully booked easily, especially in the high season. 

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Plan well and have backup plans

Make sure that your day is planned properly, with all hair, make-up, photographer and party appointments timed well. You need to make sure that you have enough buffer time between them should something go wrong in one of your appointments.  Also factor in the ceremony mass, usually it runs over the scheduled time. Especially if you stay to take photos on the altar. 

Do not forget to plan for the transportation time and factor in traffic and parking issues!

If you still do not know the location of the photoshoot, here is a good guide that can hopefully help you choose a location you like.

Organise everything 

Have everything separated and the details organised. If you have any printed documents such as booking forms, terms or plans, make sure they are organised and stored well. For instance keep everything for the party together in an envelope, everything for the photoshoot together, etc.  It would be wise to have money for payments ready in envelopes (or pay them before/online). 

Have a backup plan

 if something goes wrong with important things such as your car, be sure to have a quick alternative available. For instance, if you are travelling between an appointment by car, and it breaks down, what do you do? Do you get a taxi? Do you call your brother to move you around? etc...  This is so you do not have to improvise a lot on the day. 

The week leading up 

Double Check everything 

Get in touch with the suppliers, photographers, party decorator, venue, Party Entertainment etc.  Make sure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to specifics: timings, logistics and details.

Mentally prepare your kids

Start telling them what will happen. Days like these can be quite overwhelming for some children - they barely understand what's happening. So as a parent one should start letting the kids know what will happen and slowly building more trust with them.  Mentally train the kids for what's coming up.

A hectic day like that can be quite stressful for your kids, so we would recommend that you start building an idea of what will happen in their minds. You know your children best, so use your insight and make them excited for the day. We always recommend that you approach the day as a friend of your child, and not as a strict parent. While you as a parent would love for the day to be one of the best, do not put your child and yourselves under a lot of pressure. Forcing yourself to do things will not make it one of the best days. 

The day before

Prepare your bag 

Add the essential stuff such as money, snacks, water and emergency clothes for the younger ones. Do not forget any documents required for the day such as certificates. 

Sleep well 

It is something that is quite often overlooked. The benefits of a good night's sleep allow you to wake up to a big day feeling energised and prepared. Both mentally and physically. 

On the day

Hydrate and eat

Do not forget to eat and drink well. A Holy Communion day can be quite stressful running from appointment to appointment to church. You and your kids' tummies must be satisfied to function properly. And more importantly, do not forget to drink plenty of water. The Maltese heat can be quite harsh, so you should keep a bottle of water handy, especially when outside like during a photoshoot.

Trust in the photographers

 Let the professionals do their work! There is no need to take a photo every second. The church is usually full with 2 or 3 photographers capturing the intimate moments. Do not stand up during mass to take photos, as you will look rude and out of place. Another small tip would be to respect the people around, before, during and after the ceremony. Do not skip any lines or make a fuss on the altar.

Do not force them

Do not force your kids to do anything! This goes hand in hand with what we told you above - prepare them for what to come but do not overly force them.

Enjoy the moment 

This day is an important one for your family! You ought to kick back a little bit and savour the moment. Enjoy this achievement and be proud of your family.  It's not about being the best or having the nicest dress, but about celebrating your family. 

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How we can help? 

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September 21, 2022
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